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CPA: Bestiary

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For campaigns that feature combat, this list is handy for looking up monster and enemy TNs. Use [CTRL-F] to search the entries on this page.

Important notes about enemy actors:

Enemy Table Details

TN Fantasy Sci-fi Damage HP Usage Specials
10 Citizens, Goblins, Large Rats, Imps Citizens, mid-size Vermin 5-10 10 TN 10 enemies are easy targets. They are more appropriate for power fantasy where slaughtering waves of weak enemies is a confidence boosting ritual. Most CPA campaigns should skip them entirely. Nonviolent, nonmagical citizens might be CEOs or high priests and still powerful due to money and social influence.
12 Guards, Bandits, Wolves, Acolytes, Orcs Soldiers, Thugs, Large Animals, Small Robots, Alien Minions 7-14 15-30 TN 12 is good for ordinary-type enemies that are daunting early on then arrive in swarms lategame. They usually don't inflict conditions on hit. Zombies may infect or rise again. Wolves may tackle players. Insectoid Aliens often have rapid claw attacks or acidic death-bursts. Basic soldiers carry powerful grenades.
14 Knights, Ogres, Mages, Manticores, Wyverns, Werewolves, Banshees Stormtroopers, War-GELFs, Industrial Bots, Cannibal Mutants 9-18 45-90 TN 14 is a reliable number for a large-sized, threatening enemy: Scary in early game and draining in lategame. TN 14+ enemies can always inflict at least one condition on hit. GELF bio-weapons can nail players to walls with acid coated bone-spikes. Ogres stun on hit. Banshees can KO with a scream. Construction bots can zap multiple clustered players with an arc welder.
16 Demons, Giants, Archmages, Vampires Commandos, Psychic Warriors, Security Bots, Alien Infestors 12-24 100-200 TN 16 enemies are formidable especially at range. With a 2d8+6, players have 44% chance to hit or defend. TN 16 with extra turns is good for final bosses of mid length games. Security bots often carry nonlethal poison gas grenade launchers. Alien infestors can splatter a whole party with parasitic worms, burning acid or sticky goo. Enemy commandos have excellent shooting, stealth and brawling skills.
18 Liches, Dragons, Archdemons, Demigods Cyborg Ninja, Assault Bots, Shoggoth, Psionic Masters, Alien Queens 16-32 200-400 TN 18 enemies are right at the edge of the scope of this game. They represent either things that should not be confronted or lategame bosses for advanced players that carefully plan their approach. Any Tn 18+ enemies will be well-stocked with condition-inflicting attacks, extra turns per round and supernatural powers.
20+ Gods, Kaiju, Titans, Colossi, Aberrations Transcendent nanoswarms, Hiveworld Mega-brains, Extradimensional Horrors 25-50 1000+ TN20 enemies are powers that are suicide to fight in this game system. They represent Cosmic Peril itself. Players can interact with them peacefully, perhaps annoy them, but cannot defeat them in direct combat - if they can, it's time for a different game. The Searing Horror is a huge plasmatic being that causes severe burns merely by its reflected light around corners. The Seething horror is only found in deep sea caves and cannot be perceived except for a mass of burning-hot bubbles. The Saw Horror is an invisible, incorporeal master of gravity and can fill a huge area with spinning blades and waves of gravitic force.