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CPA: Talents List

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Talents are discrete permanent features that increase a player character's power.
  1. Two talents are received at character creation.
  2. At any time, a character may purchase a talent by spending 5 saved experience points (XP).
  3. Some talents have restrictions and requirements before they may be acquired.
Keep a record of when and how you acquired a certain talent.

Below are the talent categories tables. Click to expand:

Arcane Talents make your character better at using psionics and magic.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements
Arcane Initiate Arcane You gain 5 maximum energy points. Choose one level 2 spell from the spells list--you can cast it. If you later learn this as an arcane focus skill, then this talent is refunded.
  • Requires NO arcane focus skills.
  • Requires that you have verified arcane potential.
Arcane Smite Arcane Immediately after you hit with a melee or brawl attack, you can choose to spend 2 energy points. If you do, your hit deals 5 additional fire, ice or lightning damage (pick one based on the arcane skills you know). Requires pyro, cryo, or electromancy, and either Melee or Brawl.
Cantrips Arcane You can roll any of your arcane skills as a social or performance skill when you show small, harmless magical tricks and flourishes to an audience, representing your arcane skills, without needing to spend any Energy Points. Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Channeler Arcane When it is threatened, you have +1 advantage die to maintain your concentration on a spell. Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Cleric Arcane When you are casting a nonviolent spell to buff, help, heal, protect, defend, or safeguard someone, you get +1 to the roll.

Additionally, once per scene, as a single action, you may roll your best arcane skill with +1 and shout to castigate enemy fiends or undead. Depending on the roll vs their defense, all of them you can see may take damage, be forced to flee, or explode. This costs no EP.
Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Elementalist Arcane
  • Your Skill levels in pyromancy, cryomancy, electromancy, necromancy, and telepathy now also act as additional damage reduction when you're hit with attacks making use of heat, cold, electricity, toxins, or psychic attacks, respectively.
  • For each instance that you are hit with an element that you are skilled with in this way, you recharge 1 energy point.
  • During battle, when you cast a spell of an opposite element to your previous cast, you gain +1 to the roll. This does not stack.
Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Deep Thoughts Arcane Gain +3 maximum energy points. Requires Meditation Skill.
Mantra Arcane Your Energy Points now recharge at all times, instead of only while meditating or resting. Requires Meditation Skill.
Divided Mind Arcane You are now allowed to concentrate on +1 additional spell, simultaneously. Be warned that it is difficult and risky to end multiple spells. Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Ritualist Arcane Once per session, you can get one guaranteed basic success on a ritual spell of level 4 or lower. Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Sage Arcane You can now choose to roll your sensing spells with 2d10 instead of the usual 2d8. Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Chaotic Casting Arcane You can choose to spend 2 HP while casting a spell. If you do, you may use 1d20+skill instead of the usual 2d8+skill. Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Bloodmage Arcane Gain +3 maximum HP. If you cast with HP (at a 4 hp : 1 EP ratio), then you gain +1 to the roll. Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Blaster Arcane You gain +1 to all casting rolls made to harm or destroy a target, and +1 to spell damage. Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.
Summoner Arcane You gain +1 to all casting rolls made to summon, bind or command an arcane minion or servant, and your successfully summoned arcane minions of any type do not require your concentration to sustain. Requires at least one arcane Focus Skill.

Combat Talents improve your character's killing abilities.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements
Assassin Combat
  • Using full cover, you can attempt to hide in combat as your Bonus Action.
  • If you make any kind of attack from stealth, you attack by rolling 3 dice and keeping the highest 2, instead of the usual +1.
  • Your successful attacks from stealth gain +6 damage.
Duelist Combat
  • Challenger: When you are challenging someone to a duel or contest, roll a social skill with 2d10 to do so.
  • Counter: Once per combat round, you can use a reaction to make any one attack, if possible without moving, whenever an enemy misses you in melee range.
Berserker Combat
  • Whirlwind: Your cleave and slash attacks can now hit in a 360 degree arc.
  • Rage: At any time, you can choose to make attack rolls this round by rolling 3 accuracy dice and keeping the highest 2, in exchange for making your defense rolls with 3 dice and keeping the lowest 2 (until the start of your next turn).
Requires Melee or Brawl skill.
Brute Combat All of your Melee and Brawl attacks now deal 2 additional damage. Requires Melee or Brawl skill.
Inquisitor Combat
  • Punisher: Once per round, if possible, you can make an instant reaction attack with your equipped weapon when an enemy starts to cast a spell.
  • Iconoclast: Roll with +1 advantage die when you attempt to destroy magical items, constructs, barriers, and illusions using mundane means.
  • Shake it Off: If you are affected by a magical condition, you can, at any time, choose to instantly shake off the effect by spending HP equal to the spell's level.
Requires that you posess NO arcane skills.
Speedy Miscellaneous
  • +3 to Movement and +3 to Initiative.
  • You can Move as a bonus action in combat.
  • The distance of all your move actions can now be split up around other actions you take..
Axe Expert Combat
  • You now always cleave when melee attacking with an axe, in addition to other effects.
  • You can dual wield hand axes, battle axes, or throwing axes with no penalty.
Requires melee skill.
Axe Elite Combat
  • Megasmash: You can choose to make one axe attack using 1d20 instead of 2d8. This ability recharges when you score a critical hit and can recharge immediately if you do.
  • Bloodlust: While you are attacking an enemy that is suffering from at least 1 negative condition, your axe attacks have +2 critical strike chance.
Requires Axe Expert.
Brawl Expert Combat
  • If you hit the same biological enemy twice on your turn with brawl attacks, you can apply 1 stun as a rider on your second hit (reduces their next turn's actions by 1).
  • After grappling, you can throw large enemies such as ogres or security bots.
Requires Brawl skill.
Brawl Elite Combat
  • You can throw huge-sized enemies (cars, triceratops) after grappling them.
  • Ki Blast: During a battle, you can choose to spend between 2 and 5 actions to charge and throw an energy projectile at a visible enemy. When you do, roll your Brawl skill and the damage is 2x-5x normal. Spending more than 5 actions will cause you to become exhausted.
Requires Brawl Expert
Bow Expert Combat
  • +2 Critical Strike Chance with bows.
  • You now do not need to spend any action to reload a bow (it is now considered to be part of your shoot action).
Requires Shoot skill.
Bow Elite Combat
  • Your hits with any bow penetrate +1 enemies.
  • Each time you use the aim action with a bow, add +1 advantage die to your shot.
Requires Bow Expert.
Crossbow Expert Combat You can fire a crossbow at point-blank range with no disadvantage, and all of your crossbow hits deal +2 more damage. Requires Shoot skill.
Crossbow Elite Combat +2 critical strike chance with crossbows; you can spend your bonus action to reload a crossbow. Requires Crossbow Expert.
Dagger Expert Combat
  • Vicious: You get +1 critical strike chance with daggers.
  • Talons: No penalty for dual wielding daggers.
  • Rush: If you hit with a melee or thrown dagger attack, you can spend your bonus action to make another dagger attack if possible.
Requires Melee skill.
Dagger Elite Combat You get a further +2 (total +3) critical strike chance with daggers, and with them your critical strike damage is 3x normal damage. Requires Dagger Expert
Hammer Expert Combat When wielding hammers, maces and mauls in combat, you gain the option to make your special attack a Stun attack. This special effect causes the enemy to lose 1 of their next 2 actions in their next turn. It can only be applied once per enemy per round. Requires Melee skill.
Hammer Elite Combat You can now repeatedly stun, and potentially stun-lock, enemies when attacking in melee with hammers, maces, mauls and other blunt melee weapons. Requires Hammer Expert.
Pistol Expert Combat You can fire a pistol in melee with no disadvantage. When using pistols, you can aim while moving (aim and move actions are merged for you). Requires Shoot skill.
Pistol Elite Combat You can dual wield pistols with no penalty, you can reload both of them with 1 action, and you can choose to move & aim as 1 action and/or move & fire as 1 action. Requires Pistol Expert.
Rifle Expert Combat
  • When you are crouched or prone with a rifle, you have an additional +1 to hit.
  • Using your rifle, you can crouch or stand up from crouching by spending your bonus action. This can increase your cover.
Requires Shoot skill.
Rifle Elite Combat
  • You have +2 critical strike chance with rifles.
  • If you aim with a rifle, then for your next shot you can choose to roll with 2d10+skill, 1d20+skill, or 3d8kh2+skill.
Requires Rifle Expert.
Shotgun Expert Combat Your shotgun range is increased by +3m, and your shotgun blasts always knockback all enemies hit by 2m. Requires Shoot skill.
Shotgun Elite Combat Your critical strike chance with shotguns is increased by +2, and +4 for enemies that are exactly 1m away from you (one unit of empty space in between you and them). Requires Shotgun Expert.
Spear Expert Combat Your damage with spears is increased by +2. Your melee reach with spears is increased by +1m to 3m. Requires melee skill.
Spear Elite Combat While wielding a spear, you gain one special reaction attack per round, triggered when an enemy attempts to get closer than your maximum spear range. Requires Spear Expert.
Sword Expert Combat
  • Parry: Using a sword, you can roll to defend from enemy melee-range attacks of any weapon using your melee skill roll. If you do, then once per round, you can then immediately react to apply a reasonable condition on that enemy such as shove, disarm, sunder, etc.
  • Blade Dance: When you hit with a sword, you can choose to spend your bonus action to move exactly 1m.
Requires melee skill.
Sword Elite Combat
  • Powerslash: Once per battle you can make a sword attack with 2d12 + skill.
  • Deflector: Your parry reactions can now be used an unlimited number of times per round.
Requires Sword Expert
Throwing Expert Combat
  • Versatility: You can make thrown weapon attacks using any combat skill or athletics, up to 25m range.
  • Efficiency: Your thrown weapons deal +2 damage and, if non-explosive, are never damaged by your throws.
Requires melee skill.
Throwing Elite Combat
  • Perfect Bounce: Your thrown grenades and bombs have +3m blast radius.
  • Chopper: Thrown axe attacks have +1 critical strike chance.
  • Impaler: Your thrown spears will always pierce +1 enemy in addition to your special attack.
  • Fan of Knives: You can throw 2 knives at 2 different targets as a single attack roll action using your special attack.
Requires Throwing Expert
Heavy Weapon Expert Combat
  • Heavy Metal: You can make a melee attack using an equipped heavy ranged weapon by rolling your shoot skill, for 7 damage, with no risk of breaking the weapon.
  • Heavy Lifting: You can move at normal speed while wielding a heavy ranged weapon.
Requires Shoot skill.
Heavy Weapons Elite Combat
  • Lock On: When you aim with a heavy ranged weapon, you get an additional +1 (total +2 for the aim action).
  • Deadly Aim: Your damage with heavy ranged weapons is increased by +3.
Requires Heavy Weapons Expert.

Defensive Talents make your character more durable or strong with certain elements and environments.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements
Alert Defensive
  • Aware: You can never be surprised, even if asleep.
  • Attentive: +5 to Initiative. Your defense rolls are not penalized by unseen attackers.
  • Astute: When there is one or more traps, hidden hazards, or hidden sensors within 100m, you will instinctively know of the general presence of those things (the GM will tell you).
Light Armor Expert Combat While wearing only light armor:
  • You can effortlessly hide it under clothes
  • Your critical success chance for Dodge is increased by +1
Light Armor Elite Combat While wearing only light armor:
  • When you dodge, you can dive prone as a reaction to get +1 DR.
  • Your critical success chance for Dodge is increased by +1
Requires Light Armor Expert.
Heavy Armor Expert Combat
  • While wearing a suit of heavy personal armor, you get an additional +1 DR.
  • Armor Brace: When you are about to take a single hit of damage, you can elect to brace the hit entirely to your worn suit of heavy armor, causing it to be broken instead of taking damage to yourself.
Heavy Armor Elite Combat
  • You can use any type of heavy personal armor with no penalty on stealth or spellcasting rolls.
  • Armor Lock: While wearing heavy armor, you can choose to spend 1 action to enter a defensive stance. Until the start of your next turn, you cannot take more than 7 damage per hit from all physical, projectile or explosive attack hits.
  • Additional +1 DR (total +2) with heavy armor.
Requires Heavy Armor Expert.
Shield Expert Combat
  • +1 DR with Shields.
  • Tortoise Maneuver: While wielding a shield, you can enter a defensive stance for the round at the cost of 1 action. This lets you make all defense rolls with 2d10 until the start of your next turn. Allies who are behind or adjacent to you also gain that benefit.
Shield Elite Combat
  • At any time, you can use your Bonus Action to shove, bash or throw your shield at an enemy, with a damage of exactly 2. When you do, use your melee skill.
  • Shield Brace: While wielding a shield, if you are about to take damage, you can brace with your shield instead of taking damage, causing the shield to be destroyed.
Requires Shield Expert.
Natural Armor Defensive You may use your Resilience skill level, with an additional +2 bonus, as your base armor DR, but only while you are wearing no normal or magical armor. Requires Natural Armor I.
Earth Affinity I Defensive You are accustomed to living underground.
  • Stonespeaking: You can gain special information from stones and crystals by carefully inspecting or listening to them.
  • Stonesleeping: Sleeping on stone counts as comfortable rest for you.
  • Stonecunning: You roll with +1 advantage die when digging, seeking valuable minerals, navigating in caves or mountains, and moving or dodging rocks with mundane or magical means.
Earth Affinity II Defensive You are some sort of sophont burrowing creature.
  • Tremorsense: You can sense the shape of movement within 10m of you through solid objects due to vibrations.
  • Digging Claws: You can dig through soft sand at your normal movement, soil at half movement, and solid rock at 1 meter per minute, leaving an unstable tunnel behind you.
Requires Earth Affinity I and GM permission.
Heat Affinity Defensive
  • Roll with 2d10 when resisting heat damage and exhaustion, when analyzing causes, effects and temperatures of extreme heat, and identifying or crafting flammable materials.
  • Sleeping in hot areas (engine rooms, steam vents, lava tubes) is considered comfortable for you.
  • Once per scene, you can spend up to 6 seconds (1 turn) in an open flame without taking damage or igniting.
Evasion Defensive
  • You cannot take critical hits from enemies while you are conscious and unrestrained.
  • +1 to your critical success range on dodge.
Robotic Body Defensive You have a robotic body.
  • Galvanic Metabolism: You do not eat, sleep, or breathe, and you can exist in vacuum without issues, but you require 1 charged power cell per 18 hours of operation.
  • Artifical Corpus: Damage you take must be repaired with spare parts and crafting skill. You can't take poison or psychic damage, but you may rust, corrode, get hacked, or short-circuit in water.
  • Modular Construction: 1 custom modification can be installed or exchanged to fit your needs.
  • Data Transfer: With a secure wired connection, you can exchange information (not skills) with other machines in binary code at great speeds.
You must have GM permission and contextual logic.
Water Affinity I Defensive You are unusually good at swimming.
  • Swimmer: You swim at your full movement value, you can hold your breath for at least 5 minutes, and you take no harm from liquid pressure up to 50m depth.
  • Soothing Waves: Resting near any large body of liquid is considered comfortable for you.
  • Marine: You can roll to attack and dodge underwater (with appropriate weapons) without disadvantage.
  • Rain and Snow: You roll with a larger die size to resist harmful cold and water effects.
Water Affinity II Defensive You are some sort of sophont amphibious creature.
  • Proprioception: You can hold your breath for up to 4 hours and swim twice as fast as you run.
  • Oxygen Compression: You sustain no damage or illness from liquid pressure up to 200m depth.
  • Echolocation: While immersed in liquid, you can sense via vibrations instead of sight up to 50m away.
Requires GM permission and Water Affinity I.
Wind Affinity I Defensive You are unusually lightweight and attuned to the air.
  • You don't trigger weight-sensitive traps and hazards that would collapse or be tripped by others.
  • When you fall, you can roll athletics, dodge, or resilience with 2d10 to control the fall and land safely.
  • You can gain special information by listening to or smelling the wind.
  • You can roll to resist air-related hazards such as toxic gas, electricity and variations in air pressure with 2d10.
Wind Affinity II Defensive You are a winged sophont creature that can fly at-will.
  • Flying occupies 1 concentration slot.
  • You always need at least a 4m cube of space for flight, smaller spaces cannot be flown in.
  • If you take hits while airborne, you must succeed on a Meditation roll or fall, taking another hit from gravity when you hit the ground.
  • You cannot fly while wearing or carrying anything heavy.
Requires GM permission and Wind Affinity I.

Expertise Talents make your character superior with certain skills.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements
Animal Affinity Expertise
  • Roll Animals with 1d8+1d10+skill.
  • In battle, your trained pet or mount can take 2 actions that you choose without requiring you to command them.
  • When your animal companion is at your side, you have +1 to all social and intimidation checks.
Requires Animals 2.
Alchemist Expertise
  • You no longer need a laboratory to use your Science skill to craft drugs, potions, batteries, medical kits and bombs.
  • You always have spare needles and flasks available, and they do not count to your carrying capacity.
  • Roll with 2d10 to source key ingredients for scientific brewing.
  • At science skill 3 (TN 14), you can attempt to craft invisibility potions and teleportation bombs.
Requires Science Skill.
Athlete Expertise
  • Double your HP from Athletics.
  • Once per session you can make an athletics check with 2d10+skill.
  • If you are physically flexing in some way, then you can roll Athletics to impress someone.
Requires Athletics skill.
Draftsperson Expertise
  • You can produce a sketch of any kind during any scene lasting at least 1 minute in which you had your hands mostly free.
  • You can quickly draw a map of any location based on a description from someone else (you or the GM can draw it).
  • When you have a map or blueprint of a location, you can immediately locate secret doors and unusual entrances.
Requires Art 2.
Authority Expertise Using your leadership skill checks, you may gain up to 2 sophont npc minions. They are unimportant people that believe in your cause. They have 7 hp, appropriate skills, and will die instantly at 0 hp. Does not work on animals.
Loremaster Expertise
  • If it is part of your society, then you know at least 1 secret about every major faction, historical figure, and famous place.
  • When outside of your own society, you can roll history with 2d10 to locate the above information about alien or past societies, whether in a book, data or person.
  • If you tell a story of at least 1 minute real-time to the party while they are resting, everyone regains +2 HP and +2 EP from resting.
Requires History 2.
Commander Expertise
  • Exhortation: With Leadership skill, instead of the usual 1-minute speech, you can now inspire party members with just your bonus action.
  • Warning: During a battle, you can spend an inspiration point to warn one ally to get +1 advantage die on a defense roll.
  • Battle Orders: You can re-order the party's initiative order during combat as long as you can communicate with them.
Requires Leadership Skill
Engineer Expertise
  • Percussive Maintenance: You can make one repair attempt on any damaged device without needing parts.
  • Tinker: With Crafting, you can now add up to 2 custom modifications to each tool, vehicle, weapon, or equipment piece. The 2 modifications must do different things.
  • Quality Construction: You cannot get less than a basic success on the first roll required for use of a machine that you repaired or crafted (once per device).
Musician Expertise
  • In battle, you can use 1 action each turn and 1 free hand to play inspiring music. While you do, select one combat or defense skill, your allies get +1 on it. Requires concentration.
  • When it is dark and quiet, you can roll with +1 advantage die to perceive sounds.
  • You can roll Music to try to accurately imitate any sound you have heard, using your voice or an instrument.
Requires Music 2.
Demolitions Expert Expertise
  • Saboteur: When you are using, hiding, crafting, transporting, or modifying grenades, explosives, or bombs of all sorts, you roll with 3 dice and keep the highest 2.
  • Grenadier: You can throw a grenade, throw a bomb or set a trap as a bonus action in combat.
Eloquence Expertise
  • Enunciation: Once per scene, when you make a social check that involves speaking, you can add your Linguistics skill to the roll.
  • Repartee: In battle, you can spend your bonus action to use any social skill. If you make insults, and the check meets the enemy's defense value, then you cause them 6 psychic damage as well as distraction. This can crit, but it cannot kill or KO an enemy.
  • Eloquent Praise: When an ally succeeds at a task, you can choose to praise them eloquently, which gives them +1 to an upcoming roll of their choice (maximum of two instances in effect at a time).
Hacker Expertise You no longer need to spend time to understand a foreign computer language, you can work with them all equally. When you roll doubles on any successful computers check, you can choose to either:
  1. Learn something important about another terminal on this network or
  2. Learn a certain login code or
  3. instantly and fully recharge one battery that you have.
Requires Computers skill.
Expert Healer Expertise
  • Your first aid healing amount increases by +1d4.
  • You can administer drug-hypos & healing potions as a bonus action in combat, to yourself or others.
  • The time it takes you to stabilize a dying person is reduced by half.
Requires Medicine skill.
Hunter Expertise
  • You gain +1 accuracy for all projectile or thrown weapon attacks that you make as reactions.
  • Survivalist: Once per session, you can add +2 to one check of one of the following skills: Plants, Animals, Navigation, Crafting, Perception, Stealth
  • Hunter's Sense: Additionally, at any time, you will receive a "tingly feeling" when you or the party is being waylaid, ambushed, hunted, watched, or stalked nonconsensually, with a dim awareness of what is hunting you, no roll required (you can ask the GM for this information at any time).
Transporter Expertise
  • You can attempt to break into, steal or hot-wire a locked vehicle using your Pilot skill.
  • If you have at least 2 HP, then vehicle crashes cannot leave you with less than 1 HP.
  • While you are being chased by your enemies, you can make vehicle piloting rolls with 1d20+skill.
Requires Pilot 2.
Investigator Expertise
  • When investigating a scene, you can ask one specific question, and the GM must tell you any information in the scene that could even slightly help answer your question.
  • When examining an item, you can always get a specific clue about the last person to touch or use this item.
  • When you meet a new person, you can always find one clue about the last place they have been by looking at them.
Requires Perception 2.
Sneaker Expertise
  • Using Stealth, you can now attempt to hide only with minor cover such as tall grass, mist or shadows.
  • When you are using full cover to simply hide and observe, you will automatically succeed on any stealth check and do not roll.
  • You can roll Stealth with +1 to disguise yourself if appropriate materials are available.
Traveller Expertise
  • Sleeping outdoors in a tent counts as comfortable rest for you.
  • You always know when there are tracks or signs of passage in an area, and you have advantage to identify and follow them.
  • When making travel plans, you can always identify at least 2 viable routes to a destination.
Requires Navigation 2.
Haggler Expertise
  • When negotating prices, roll with +1 advantage die.
  • Regardless of the result, your counterparty will always give you at least 10% off.
Requires Navigation 2.

Miscellaneous Talents give you benefits that are not directly related to combat, magic or skills.

Talent Name Category Description Restrictions & Requirements
Aura of Emotion Miscellaneous At all times, people who are within 5 meters of you have their current emotions amplified. The standard effect is a moderate but noticeable increase in extremity. You can attempt to try increase or reduce the effect, but must describe how. Other players may freely choose whether or not they are immune it. Requires GM agreement on the theme.
True Grit Miscellaneous While you attempt dirty and unpleasant manual labor, you always have +1 to the skill check. -
Heroic Destiny Miscellaneous When you take this talent, declare your character's conceptual theme and theme song. When a challenging scene involving that theme occurs, you can activate this talent. Your character must speak to that theme, and then, for this scene only, is unable to fail and may apply 1 free critical success to any of their rolls. Note they can still die. You can play the theme song during that time. Other characters cannot activate this talent while you have it active. You then must choose to either refund the talent for another, or keep it and discharge it for 1 in-game week until recharged. Requires GM agreement on the theme.
Collector Miscellaneous You always find at least 1 useful item when you search for items in a given scene. -
Companion Miscellaneous You have a sophont npc companion of some sort. If taken after character creation, there must be in-game context for it. They are willing to die for you. They have their own skills, 2 in one skill and 1 in two skills. They can be commanded as a free action, but only by you. Command of them may be delegated, but they will not blindly follow others as they do you. They are controlled by the GM but will do whatever you want, even if hurts them permanently. Note that this talent is not the only way to gain such a companion. If they die, this talent is refunded. GM has companion's details and controls them according to your orders.
Photographic Memory Miscellaneous You can accurately recall all that you have seen and heard, down to the smallest detail. -
Prophet Miscellaneous Each time you sleep or nap, you can choose to receive a mysterious vision, message, or warning related to your mission. The GM will deliver it. This requires no roll, resource cost, or arcane ability. If you like, you may combine this with prayers or ceremonies focusing on specific topics or spiritual entities. -
Quick Sleeper Miscellaneous You require only 3 hours of sleep per day. However, your rate of healing from rest is the same as others. -
Fearless Miscellaneous Once per scene, when you set yourself to a brave and dangerous purpose, gain +1 to your next roll. -
Spirit Guide Miscellaneous A mysterious spiritual entity becomes your guide and protector. No one else can perceive this being or its words except you, but you can always talk to it and it will always give you good advice. While theoretically powerful, it chooses not to tell you everything, wanting you to be challenged, but also wanting you to grow and succeed. You can ask for it to perform a miracle, but if it agrees, it will disappear forever. If it does, then this talent is refunded and you cannot choose it again. -
Studious Miscellaneous Gain an additional +5 extra experience points. This talent can be repeated.