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CPA: GM's Guide

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This page gives a simple and light guide to Guardians of Mystery, or GMs, wanting to run this system.

The CPA Core Priorities:

Core priorities are what all the players and GMs should focus on during the conversation that constitutes the game. Every other rule supports these.

  1. The player characters' lives should be exciting and interesting for everyone.
  2. The game should be full of interesting dilemmas for the players.
  3. The game should be about being immersed in exploring mysterious worlds, and changing them according to your goals.
  4. The players should occasionally surprise the GM and the GM should occasionally surprise the players.
  5. Everyone should have a good time.

For players, there is less off-session preparation required, but players are the majority of the table and have the greatest power collectively to make it an epic experience.

Principles for CPA Players:

GMs concieve, prepare and drive the game so they have the most individual power to shape the game.

How to run scenarios in CPA:

Starter Kit Scenarios

For several ready-to-play adventure modules that play well with this system, click here:

Random Generators & Oracles:

When you need some inspiration for new content for your game, you can use my free Ancient Quests Random Generators

to get ideas.